Relevant, Realistic Coaching for Results – the single most important factor in successfully navigating a Crisis Event

Using rapid-needs analysis to minimize disruption, we tailor Executive sessions to accommodate your exact needs and delivery requirements. A representative sampling includes:

  • Leadership in Times of Uncertainty – Executives know they must lead their organizations and adapt quickly to meet the needs of this changing environment. Discussion around how the leading businesses in the world have moved from the old “order and predictability” to adaptability and stability and how Crisis Management fits into this mix of priorities is paramount. The goal is to empower C-Suite Executives to reflect and reemerge as visionary, highly effective leaders.
  • High-Pressure Executive Decision-Making – Five Steps to making important, appropriate and sound decisions in acute situations
  • Five Steps to Better Decision-making – Improve judgment and critical thinking skills using proven approaches, cutting-edge research, and behavioral skills. Understand the decision-making process from start to finish. Recognize cognitive biases and other factors that inhibit good decisions. This session enhances the participant’s capacity to make timely, yet well-thought-out individual, group, and organizational decisions.
  • “Team of Teams” – Developing and Leading High Performance Teams – Leaders today must focus on fostering teamwork, collaboration, and communication. Creating the right environment for the team is vital. To evolve as leaders, executives must internalize the idea that leadership is fundamentally different from managing tasks. Being a great leader means both managing tasks and functions well, but also understanding how to “show up” as a leader. It can be hard to grasp, but it can and must be learned.
  • Predicting Crisis – Operational Risk Management for the C-Suite – Despite all the rhetoric and money invested in it, risk management is too often treated as a compliance issue that can be solved by drawing up lots of rules and making sure that all employees follow them. Learn the facts and how to protect your Corporate Assets from the most-likely threats they face.
  • Leading with the TIP – The Importance of Trust, Integrity and Purpose in Organizations today – critical in a Crisis Situation.


Tailored Training to Drive Business Value

We provide training to prepare Executives, their Teams and employees to manage and survive crises. Our real-world experience tells us that a holistic approach requires effective leadership and a practiced organization to optimally respond to the crisis emerging stronger, not weaker.
Training courses include:

  • Overview and Introduction to 21st Century Crisis Management
  • Conducting Effective Threat and Vulnerability Assessments
  • Developing Your Crisis Management Plan
  • Crisis Management Plans in Action
  • Responding to a Crisis
  • Managing Information and Communications in a Crisis
  • Recovering From a Crisis
  • Human Factors in a Crisis


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Learn from the people who have direct, relevant Crisis Leadership experience in the most demanding environments in the world. Our model is rooted in history, enhanced by experience, accelerated by innovation, and distinguished by intentional customer focus.

Rooted in History

Hippocrates (circa 460 BC) revolutionized medicine and became known as the Father of Modern Medicine. He famously stated, “First, do no harm” and “Diagnose before you prescribe.” These statements sum up our approach to business clients. Before we pitch “solutions,” we ask important questions about your business, your people, and your goals. We then perform a tool-assisted Rapid Organizational Diagnosis to present high value-added options for consideration. Together, we develop the optimal solution for each company.

Accelerated by Innovation

While our philosophical principles may come from historical greats in business and science, our approach for services including consulting, coaching, and training, is technology-enabled Lean (now Deft) in order to enable rapid results. Based on modern Management Practices like Lean, Agile, and Deft, our mature processes and tools minimize client disruption; expedite solution delivery; and reduce costs. See the TPCM-USA/Library for information on our in-house tools and templates available to interested parties at no cost.

Enhanced by Experience

Our Engagement Teams are staffed by Risk and Crisis experts with real-world, relevant experience. These are people who have earned their stripes in some of the most demanding and dangerous environments. This experience is infused into our services, coaching, and training in order to reduce your exposure to risk and crisis. We blend our experience, passion, and enthusiasm with “Best Practices” from leading think-tanks, universities, and associations to provide a powerful, eclectic approach, which adds value for our clients at each and every stage of each engagement.

Distinguished by Intentional Customer Focus

We seek to add business value at every step of the process as we work with clients to deliver results that exceed expectations. We believe that you get what you measure so TPCM-USA developed innovative ways to measure the success of our services and training. We ensure each customer can qualitatively and quantitatively compute that they receive effective resources and tools that provide substantial value.