Our Leadership

Robert J. Darling

founder and CEO of TPCM-USA

As the senior company officer, Bob leads corporate initiatives. Prior to starting the company, Bob led missions flying attack helicopters in Desert Shield, Desert Storm, and Somalia Africa and subsequently served as a presidential helicopter pilot supporting President Bill Clinton, and as an Airlift Operations officer for the White House Military Office (WHMO) under President George W. Bush.

Bob translates his extensive crisis leadership experience into valuable lessons and tools delivered directly to corporate CEOs, their senior management teams, and other senior executives within the U.S. Government. Bob is the author of 24 Hours Inside the President’s Bunker, a graduate of Harvard University’s seminar on Crisis Leadership, and an internationally sought after public speaker on Crisis Management and Leadership.

Bob Quinn

Bob Quinn

Chief Operating Officer and Lead Instructor OF TPCM-USA

Bob is a nationally recognized facilitator for executive level training exercises and planning events including Presidential inaugurations, the Papal visit to the U.S, national political conventions, and all aspects of security preparations for high visibility sporting events including eight Super Bowls.

During his employment at the FBI’s Critical Incident Response Group (CIRG), Bob provided training and support to the fifty-six FBI Field Offices and state and local public safety partners during a wide variety of critical incidents and significant special events as a Crisis Management Specialist.

Michael Darling

Executive Vice President of TPCM-USA

Michael is a 2016 graduate of George Washington University and has relevant experience working with mid-size VOIP and other new technology development firms.  Michael will oversee all administrative functions of TPCM-USA to include Marketing, HR, Sales, New Product Development, Payroll and Benefits. 


Andrew Flippo

Chief Technology Officer

Andrew has over 15 years of startup experience primarily in SaaS and the finance technology industry. He built four startups from napkin concept to success. He has operated as the head of operations in two startups and the head of technical solutions in four. Andrew has consulted with more than two dozen startups at various stages of their company lifecycle.

His experience lends strongly toward a lean startup philosophy. He is a results-oriented, strategic thinker that focuses on streamlined solutions and scalability for software & mobile app development. 

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