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TPCM-USA is an integrated crisis leadership and risk management training, coaching and consulting company. Our mission is to create and preserve Value while driving holistic approaches and planning for crisis situations by leveraging our experience, tools, and expertise to ensure business resilience and crisis readiness.

Critical events will happen, and the recent events regarding the overall health and wellness of our planet are a testimony to that. The recent pandemic has placed extraordinary demands and struggles on many businesses’ shoulders out there, and the overall toll the pandemic has taken has now created a regimen where fear and uncertainty reign over all things.

Your Team Comes First.

Everything here at TPCM-USA is completely centered around you, your business, your needs, and your budget. Before we devise an effective action plan to project your company towards the future in the safest way there is, we take our time to analyze your processes, operations, and decision-making history in order to match you with the premium solution that goes above and beyond your expected results.


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Having your company’s stability endangered is by unexpected circumstances often results in hasty decision-making that further weighs down on the business with faulty solutions. Carrying out a scripted response, and having the certainty of knowing exactly how to act and when, means being able to recognize the earlier symptoms of a crisis and effectively prevent it. 

If you have a small group of executives already available to intervene should issues arise, or if you don’t have one at your disposition and you’re thinking about setting one up, then TCPM-USA Crisis Leadership in-person trainings are the solution you were looking for to secure your business. Providing your team with results-driven learning experiences and occasions means empowering them to collect information and make decisions quick enough to respond effectively

Flash RTC Virtual Command Center

overcome any Critical Event with smart mobile technology

In this frantic, fast-paced era where new technologies, tools, and strategies are constantly being requested out of businesses, having premium software solutions that foster collaboration and efficiency is one of the most cost-effective alternatives to upgrade your company with a premium solution that isn’t too complex to manage, and will help you streamline your operations even in dire times. 

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