Our History

Turning Point Crisis Management USA (TPCM-USA) evolved from our leadership team’s experience responding to crises, including our country’s most dramatic and devastating events, and our passion to help organizations and government agencies plan and manage disasters and emergencies. We couple our deep domain experience and expertise with processes and tools to offer exceptional crisis leadership & management solutions to create and ensure sustained business value.

We understand the importance of not letting unpredicted circumstances impair and disrupt the workflow, and we do our best to weigh every possible scenario and risk when engineering our training sessions.

With more than 10 years of on-field experience backing up our knowledge and expertise, TPCM-USA’s goal is to be at the disposal of every business out there looking for an effective solution to face crises and difficult times with confidence. The solid dedication of our team makes us the best at what we do, allowing you to empower yourself to always make the right decisions.

We offer our client partners professionalism, authenticity and a passion to ensure that your plans are tailored to support your resilience and continued success.

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Experience Counts in a Crisis

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