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Puts the power of people to work
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Time Critical

Rapid Response
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Plan of Execution

Focused on your plans
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Evidence of Performance
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Security Driven​

Secure Communication
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Central Command Console

Controlled from Hub
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TPCM-USA’s exclusive mobile app and web console puts the power of people to work when it is needed the most.

Complete tasks as a team with open communications and leadership. Flash Real Time Crisis Communications is TPCM-USA’s exclusive mobile software and web control that allows your employees to work when your business needs it the most.

Open communications and leadership are necessary when planning ahead for your future. Making sure your team is always on par with what needs to be done and the topics that need to be addressed is pivotal to ensure your long term success.

The software we provide is delivered and managed remotely and you and your team will have access via your preferred web browser or mobile device so that you can always work towards achieving your goals in an environment that fosters communication and teamwork..

Powerful Features



Break down time sensitive tasks into an easily digestible size and minimize human error during high stress scenarios.


Send Flashes for head counts and critical events communication through an in depth notification system.



Secured by a 256K bit encryption protecting your company data, streaming communications, and internal messaging system.


Evidence of performance

Extensive logging within the application provides accountability for users and training examples for drills or live after action reports.


Web Administrator Console

Utilize a powerful cross platform administrator console for user, checklist, Flash, library, and report management.



Centralized emergency response plans (ERPs), business continuity plans (BCPs) and other necessary information in our secured file repository that is easily searched and sorted.

Time Critical


  • Fast dissemination of critical information in seconds.
  • Contact staff across the organization through mass notifications, critical events.
  • Take head counts and have auto generated group messaging to strategize during a crisis event.
  • Create unlimited teams that are quickly contacted individually or as a group with one click.

Focused on Your Plans

Structured Plan of Execution

• Easily activate a checklist of tasks to be completed during a crisis scenario.

• Activate multiple checklists from the same plan template for multiple locations or areas of concern.

• Include individuals or teams quickly to alert only those necessary to complete the tasks

• Track completed tasks within the App or on the web console on who completed what tasks and when they were completed.

• Save & Archive all crisis events or practice drills for training and after action reports.

Avoid digging through hundreds of pages in your BCP to understand how to properly respond to a critical event.

Evidence of Performance


• Includes capability to track changes in checklists, document repository, flashes, and other logging information.

• Track flashes and checklist drills and critical events for training purposes and after-action reports.

• Accountability for critical tasks on who completed them and when.

• COVID-ID Vaccine tracking and Daily Health Screener available.


Security Driven

Secure Communications

  • Flash RTC provides end to end 256k-bit encryption trusted by security professionals.
  • Self-contained, compartmentalized communication network isolated from company networks.
  • Flash RTC allows communication even during compromised internal networks and offers extensive activity logging and proprietary algorithms to quickly discover and contain compromised accounts.

Controlled from Your Hub

Central Command Console

• Manager users, checklists, document repositories, forms, flashes, templates, etc. through a web based portal for easy application management.

• Communicate directly from the console to users in the apps with our cross-platform integration.

• Activate, track, and update active checklists and flashes during a crisis from any browser-based application.

• Easily create, update, and organize teams in real time.

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