Crisis Leadership

Building Your Capacity to Respond and Recover.

In a time of crisis, whether from a natural disaster, a reputational challenge, or a disruption to your business operations, the ability for an organization to rapidly assess a situation, escalate information, make decisions collaboratively, and communicate clearly the actions being undertaken are critical to its survival. Our crisis management consulting services can make a difference in your critical moment.



We have extensive experience in evaluating, developing, and implementing crisis or emergency management programs in enterprises of all sizes, including public sector agencies guided by both regulated and nonregulated services.


Our crisis management solutions will be tailored to deliver results in the following areas:

Unique and Personalized Approach

TPCM-USA understands that every business has different methods and strategies when it comes to its internal processes, and this is the reason why we don’t believe in cookie cutter solutions. Our professionals are thoroughly trained to learn everything they can about your business, so that we can come up with the best option to meet your requirements.

Enhanced by Experience

Our Engagement Teams are staffed by Risk and Crisis and related Subject Matter Experts with real-world, relevant experience. They have earned their stripes in some of the most demanding and dangerous environments. This experience is infused into our services, coaching, and training in order to reduce your exposure to risk and crisis. We blend our experience, passion, and enthusiasm with “Best Practices” from leading think-tanks, universities, and associations to provide a powerful, eclectic approach, which adds value for our clients at each and every stage of each engagement.

Accelerated by Innovation

While our philosophical principles may come from historical greats in business and science, our approach for services including consulting, coaching, and training, is technology enabled. This approach ensures customer alignment and enables rapid results and value creation. Based on modern management practices like Lean and Agile, our mature processes and tools help to: minimize client disruption; expedite solution delivery; and reduce costs.

Distinguished by Intentional Customer Focus

We seek to add business value at every step of the process as we work with clients to co-create value and business results that exceed expectations. We believe that you get what you measure so TPCM-USA develops innovative ways to measure the success of our services and training. We ensure each customer can qualitatively and quantitatively compute that value received from all our interactions.

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Experience Counts in a Crisis

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