Robert J. Darling

Bob Darling is founder and CEO of TPCM-USA. In this role, he serves as the senior company officer and leads corporative initiatives. Prior to starting the company, Bob led missions flying attack helicopters in Desert Shield, Desert Storm, and Somalia Africa and subsequently served as a presidential helicopter pilot supporting President Bill Clinton, and as an Airlift Operations officer for the White House Military Office (WHMO) under President George W. Bush. Bob translates his extensive crisis leadership experience into valuable lessons and tools delivered directly to corporate CEOs, their senior management teams, and other senior executives within the U.S. Government. Bob is the author of 24 Hours Inside the President’s Bunker, a graduate of Harvard University’s seminar on Crisis Leadership, and an internationally sought-after public speaker on Crisis Management and Leadership.

Bob Quinn

Bob Quinn is the Chief Operating Officer and Lead Instructor for TPCM-USA. 

He is a nationally recognized facilitator for executive level training exercises and planning events including Presidential inaugurations, the Papal visit to the U.S, national political conventions, and all aspects of security preparations for high visibility sporting events including eight Super Bowls.

During his employment at the FBI’s at Critical Incident Response Group (CIRG), Bob provided training and support to the fifty-six FBI Field Offices and state and local public safety partners during a wide variety of critical incidents and significant special events as a Crisis Management Specialist.  

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Our History

Turning Point Crisis Management – USA (TPCM-USA) evolved from our leadership Team’s experience responding to crises, including our country’s most dramatic and devastating events, and our passion to help organizations and government agencies plan and manage disasters and emergencies. We couple our deep domain experience and expertise with processes and tools to offer exceptional crisis leadership & management solutions to create and ensure sustained business value.

With more than 10 years of on-field experience backing up our knowledge and expertise, TPCM-USA goal is to be at the disposal of every business out there looking for an effective solution to face crises and difficult times with confidence. The solid dedication to our job makes us the best at what we do, allowing you to empower yourself to always make the right decisions. We offer our clientele professionalism, authenticity, and tailored-around-your-needs solutions that always align growth and efficiency goals with concrete action plans that drive results. We understand the importance of not letting unpredicted circumstances impair and disrupt the workflow, and we do our best to weigh every possible scenario and risk when engineering our training sessions.

Our Mission

At TPCM-USA our mission objective is centered around you, our client partners, your business, your needs, and your budget. As we work together to support your efforts to develop an effective action plan to project your company towards the future in the safest way there is, we take our time to analyze your processes, operations, and decision-making history in order to match your objectives with the premium solution that goes above and beyond your expected results

We help to prepare organizations to manage crises by performing assessments to identify and define risks and threats from large critical events to more routine situations; developing plans to address potential operational mission vulnerabilities; leading customized training activities and simulations to ensure optimal response and minimal disruptions or damage; and coaching logistics and communications leaders to manage teams.

  • Methodology: Our formula for success is based the same methodology used by the government leaders at all levels and at some of America’s most successful companies of all sizes.  Our objective is to work with our partners to offer a triad of services that includes training, exercises and state of the art software capabilities.
  • Training: Using real life case study examples our training themes focus on leading in times of uncertainty, course of action development, decision-making, and the art of effective crisis communications.  
  • Exercises: The second leg of our program provides Crisis Response Team’s an opportunity to participate in a professionally facilitated, table-top crisis driven scenario exercises. These exercises, individually tailored to each client, are designed to build confidence in their ability to recognize and react to a crisis, make sound rapid decisions, effectively communicate in and out of the organization, and to build confidence and camaraderie to handle any critical event. 
  • Software: And finally, to receive Flash RTCTM  a state-of-the-art virtual command center and internal communications tool. The mobile app will be specifically designed for your organization to keep leadership “in touch”, “in control”, and resilient. Be ready to respond and recover from any crisis.  

How we work

unique and Personalized approach

TPCM-USA perfectly knows that every business has different methods and strategies when it comes to its internal processes, and this is the reason why we don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions. Our professionals are thoroughly trained to learn everything they can about your business, so that we can come up with the best option to meet your requirements.


Our Engagement Teams are staffed by Risk and Crisis and related Subject Matter Experts with real-world, relevant experience. These are people who have earned their stripes in some of the most demanding and dangerous environments. This experience is infused into our services, coaching, and training in order to reduce your exposure to risk and crisis. We blend our experience, passion, and enthusiasm with “Best Practices” from leading think-tanks, universities, and associations to provide a powerful, eclectic approach, which adds value for our clients at each and every stage of each engagement.


While our philosophical principles may come from historical greats in business and science, our approach for services including consulting, coaching, and training, is technology-enabled. This approach ensures customer alignment and enables rapid results and Value creation. Based on modern Management Practices like Lean and Agile, our mature processes and tools help to: minimize client disruption; expedite solution delivery; and reduce costs.


We seek to add business value at every step of the process – from Sales to Solution Delivery – as we work with clients to co-create Value and business results that exceed expectations. We believe that you get what you measure so TPCM-USA develops innovative ways to measure the success of our services and training. We ensure each customer can qualitatively and quantitatively compute that Value received from all our interactions.

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