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TPCM-USA is an integrated crisis leadership and risk management training, coaching and consulting company. We will ensure your business resilience and crisis readiness with technology and leadership training.

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Solutions for a smarter crisis response


Prepare and respond to a critical event in your bank with our training and technology solutions.


Protect your most valuable asset, your employees with our solutions for business.

Public Sector

We have training and technology for local, state, and federal government crisis management.

Smart Technology for Crisis Management

Flash RTC (Real-Time-Communication) puts the power of people to work when it is needed the most.

Flash Real-Time Crisis Communication is TPCM-USA’s exclusive cloud software that allows your employee to work when your business needs it the most.

Encrypted Communication Made Easy

Open communications and leadership are necessary when planning ahead for your future, and making sure your team is always on par with what needs to be done and the topics that need to be addressed is pivotal to ensure your long-term success.

Flash RTC is delivered and managed remotely, and you and your team will have access via your preferred web browser or mobile device, so that you can always work towards achieving your goals in an environment that fosters communication and teamwork.

Send Instant Alerts and Notifications

Always be prepared to jump into action when it is the most important. The Flash mobile app allows team leaders to directly contact and alert users.

Every emergency response plan has easily assigned tasks, so each team member knows exactly what is needed. Track progress and assignments in real time when time is of the essence.


360 Degree Crisis Preparedness

Critical events will happen, and the recent events regarding the overall health and wellness of our planet are a testimony to that. 

The recent pandemic has placed extraordinary demands and struggles on many businesses’ shoulders out there, and the overall toll the pandemic has taken has now created a regimen where fear and uncertainty reign over all things.


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